The Golden Girl's Betty White

Betty White made us laugh for generations.  She died on Dec 31, 2021 just 17 days before her 100th birthday, but she's still making us laugh.
She was a wonderful star of movies and TV, but she was probably best known for her role on the Golden Girls.
What do you know about it?
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What was the full name of Betty White's character on "The Golden Girls?"

What was Betty White's character first name on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show?"

Betty White and Mr. T did a TV commercial for what product?

What game show did her husband Allen Ludden host?

Betty White never appeared in what television show?

Who did Sue Ann Nivens want to have an affair with?

A social media campaign helped Betty White host what late night comedy show?

Betty White played Ellen on "Mama's Family." What was Ellen's last name?

What was the name of Rose's teddy bear?

On "The Golden Girls," Betty White was first offered the role of what character?

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